Rich Man's Roth

Do you have a 401(k) or IRA?

Do you think taxes will be higher or lower in the future?


And Remember, nearly ALL retirement vehicles generate a  TAX BILL! CONGRESS IS COMING FOR YOUR IRA! DON’T  GET CAUGHT UNPREPARED! 

The Rich Man’s Roth is a very unique program that we  have been using for more than two decades that is  designed to help people maximize both their Retirement Planning and Estate Planning. Part of that maximization  involves minimizing Taxes. 

The Rich Man’s Roth was designed to mimic the Roth Conversion, but in our opinion, does a better and smarter job. It can also provide added protection against the Long-Term Care Nightmare! 

The Rich Man’s Roth might just be the answer. Mimic the rich and famous and see if you can maximize your IRA or  401(k) and minimize your Taxes… 

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