Income Planning

Understanding Your Income and How to Use It Effectively For your Present and Future


Retirees don’t live on Assets, they live on Income. Let’s face it, Income drives EVERYTHING. If you don’t know where your income streams are going to come from or how much income you will want/need, Retirement is going to be a very rocky road (and NOT the ice-cream kind).

It is important to figure out your sources of Income. These are needed to cover your Basic Living Expenses. Everything else needs to be Saved or Invested with the Goal of overcoming the effects of Inflation and to provide for Future Income.

Income Gap Report

Red Means You Are Out Of Money!

See for yourself how YOUR retirement will play out, then make changes to "get the red out"!

Social Security Maximization

Circumstances and Income needs vary by individual. There  is no ‘One Size Fits All Solution.’ Starting early may be the  best solution for You, but not for everyone… For some, the  Social Security Benefit may need to last for two lifetimes.  In these situations, we help our client’s Maximize the  Highest Wage Earner’s Benefit so that their surviving  Spouse/Partner receives the Maximum Benefit Possible. 

Other Questions to Consider: 

When can I file: Minimum Age/Maximum Age? 

Is it worth waiting to Start Social Security or should I start Now? 

By how much is my benefit reduced permanently if I start early? 

How is Social Security the 1ST OR 2ND Largest Asset for most people?  

How can I make my Social Security Grow by 8% per year? 

What is my COLA (Cost of Living Increase) this Year? 

What is Provisional Income? 

Why am I being taxed on my Social Security Benefit and how can I avoid it? 

Can my monthly Social Security Benefit keep growing even after I claim my Benefits? 

If I keep working after starting Social Security, how will it  affect my taxes? 

What if I start my Social Security early, but I change my  mind? 

Can I claim my divorced/deceased Spouse’s Benefit? 

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Written Income Plan

A Written Income Plan is a must. It is the Communication Tool that you and your Advisor will use to determine Where your Income is coming from, How much and for How long. With your Advisor, You will choose the type of Asset Management that suits your personal values and level of risk. In addition, Goals, Timelines and Financial Priorities will be agreed upon. The Written Income Plan becomes YOUR FINANCIAL ROADMAP by establishing a benchmark, you can now measure whether you are getting closer to or farther away from your financial goals and objectives.